2002 International Symposium on Micromechatronics and Human Science
Oct. 20-23, 2002
Nagoya City Science Museum (Oct. 20)
Nagoya Municipal Industrial Research Institute (Oct. 21 and 22)
Nagoya University (Oct. 23)

Final Program

Final Program in WORD format

Symuposium Site at a Glance

Date Event Location
October 20(Sun) Micro Robot Maze Contest Nagoya City Science Museum
October 21(Mon), 22(Tue) MHS Symposium, Exhibition Nagoya Municipal Industrial Research Institute
October 22(Wed) Laboratory Tour Nagoya University, Dept. of Micro System Engineering

October 21 (Mon.)

Location: Nagoya Municipal Industrial Research Institute

Technical Sessions

Session MA-1: Microfabrication (Conference Room 1)

9:30-9:50 Simulator for Observing the Si Anisotropic Etching Process in Atomic Scale

T. Kakinaga, N. Baba, Y. Isono and O. Tabata, Ritsumeikan Univ., Japan,
K. Ehrmann and J. Korvink

9:50-10:10 Rapid Production of an Vitro Anatomical Model of Human Cerebral Arteries Based on CT Images

F. Arai, T. Fukuda and S. Ikeda, Nagoya Univ., Japan, M. Negoro and I. Takahashi

10:10-10:30 Techniques for Reduction in Surface Roughness and Aperture Size Effect for XeF2 Etching of Si

K. Sugano and O. Tabata, Ritsumeikan Univ., Japan

10:30-10:50 Fabrication of TiNi Shape Memory Alloy Micro-structure and Ceramic Micro-mold by LIGA-MA-SPS Process

N. Miyano, H. Iwasa, M. Matsumoto, F. Kato, K. Ameyama and S. Sugiyama, Ritsumeikan Univ., Japan

10:50-11:10 Die Making of Ultra-Fine Piercing by Electro-Discharging

T. Mori, K. Hirota, S. Kurimoto and Y. Nakano, Nagoya Univ., Japan

11:10-11:30 Micromachined Active Tactile Sensor for Detecting Contact Force and Hardness of an Object

T. Shimizu, M. Shikida, K. Sato and Y. Hasegawa, Nagoya Univ., Japan, K. Itoigawa

Session MA-2: Microrobots (Conference Room 2)

9:30-9:50 The Prototype of a Piezoelectric Medical Microrobot

Y. Guozheng, L. Qiuhong, D. Guoqing and Y. Detian, Shanghai Jiaotong Univ., P.R.China

9:50-10:10 A Novel Biomimetic Hexapod Micro-robot

Y. Guozheng and D. Yi, Shanghai Jiaotong Univ., P.R.China

10:10-10:30 A Micro Robot Using the Novel IPMC (ionic polymer metal composite) Actuator

J. Ryu, B. Kim, B. Kim, J. Park, KIST, Korea

10:30-10:50 A Fin Type of Microrobot in Pipe

S. Guo and Y. Sasaki, Kagawa Univ., Japan, T. Fukuda

10:50-11:10 Positioning of a Miniature Robot Using Position Sensitive Detectors

Y Kawane, A Torii, K Doki and A Ueda, Aichi Institute of Technology, Japan

11:10-11:30 The Primary Research of Micro Insect-like Robot

P. Sun and H. Wang, Shanghai Univ., P.R.China, J. Gr cio and J. Ferreira

11:40-12:10 Explanation of Exhibition (Conference Room 1)

1. Nagoya University, Sato Laboratory
2. Nagoya University, Fukuda Laboratory
3. Kagawa University
4. Ritsumeikan University

5. Others

12:10-13:10 Lunch

Technical Sessions

Session MP1-1: Microassembly and Microfactory (Conference Room 1)

13:10-13:30 Force Measurement with Pico-Newton Order Resolution Using a Carbon Nanotube Probe

F. Arai, M. Nakajima, L. Dong and T. Fukuda, Nagoya University, Japan

13:30-13:50 Wire-in-hole Operation Using a Magnetic Suspension Parallel Motion Hand

S. Ohno, Z. Liu and T. Nakamura, Tokyo Metropolitan Univ., Japan

13:50-14:10 Process Observation for the Assembly of Hybrid Micro Systems

T. Pfeifer and G. Dussler, Aachen Univ. of Technology, Germany

14:10-14:30 Development of Low-cost Microequipment

E. Kussul, T. Baidyk, L. Ruiz, A. Caballero and G. Velasco,
National Autonomous Univ. of Mexico, Mexico

Session MP1-2: Human Machine Interface (Conference Room 2)

13:10-13:30 Interactive Comedy: Laugh as Next Intelligence System

N. Tosa, R. Nakatsu and T. Ochi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center
for Advanced Visual Studies, USA

13:30-13:50 Toward Rich Facial Expression by Face Robot

H. Kobayashi, Y. Ichikawa, M. Senda and T Shiiba, Science Univ. of Tokyo, Japan

13:50-14:10 Characteristics of an Active Type Surface Acoustic Wave Tactile Display

M. Takasaki and T. Mizuno, Saitama University, Japan, T. Nara

14:10-14:30 Optimal Configuration of Micro Touch Sensor Structure

L. Du, G. Kwon, F. Arai and T. Fukuda, Nagoya Univ., Japan, K. Itoigawa
and Y. Tukahara

14:30-14:50 Coffee Break

Technical Sessions

Session MP2-1: Microfabrication and Micro Fluidic Systems (Conference Room 1)

14:50-15:10 Algorithm for Analyzing Optimal Mask Movement Pattern in Moving Mask Deep X-ray Lithography

N. Matsuzuka and O. Tabata, Ritsumeikan Univ., Japan

15:10-15:30 Non-Contact Acoustic Filtering of Particles by a Standing Wave Field

T. Kozuka, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
(AIST), Japan

15:30-15:50 Novel Interconnection for Micro Fluidic Devices

T. HASEGAWA and K. IKUTA, Nagoya Univ., Japan

15:50-16:10 Isolation and Extraction of Target Microbes for Bio-microlaboratory

F. Arai, A. Ichikawa, T. Sakami, H. Maruyama and T. Fukuda, Nagoya Univ., Japan

Session MP2-2: Microcomponents and Microdevices (Conference Room 2)

14:50-15:10 Sensors for PZT Actuators Based on Thick Film Resistances

A. Bergander, T. Maeder, P. Ryser and J.-M. Breguet, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne(EPFL), Switzerland

15:10-15:30 A Multi - Axis Force-Moment Micro Sensor for Application in Fluid Mechanics

D.V. Dao, T.A. Nguyen, C.V. Nguyen, J. Wells and S. Sugiyama, Ritsumeikan Univ.,
Japan, T. Toriyama

15:30-15:50 Development of Robust Variable Structure Controller Based on Sliding Mode for Large Scale Energy Systems

M.S.A. Moteleb and M.A.A. Moursy, Electronics Research Institute, Egypt

15:50-16:10 Large Displacement Control System beyond Pull-in Limitation in Electro-static Micro Cantilever

Y. Tanaka, Y. Hirai, T. Jin, M. Kabuto and N. Kimura, Osaka Prefecture Univ., Japan

16:10-16:20 Coffee Break

Invited Talk (Conference Room 1)

16:20-17:10 Integrated Micro Chemical Systems and Life Science

Prof. Takehiko Kitamori, The University of Tokyo, Japan

17:20-19:00 Reception Party (Exhibition room, 1st floor)

October 22 (Tue.)

Location: Nagoya Municipal Industrial Research Institute

Technical Sessions

Session TA-1: New Materials and Measurement (Conference Room 1)

9:30-9:50 Design and Synthesis of New-Type Ultra-Fine Magnetic Fluid and its Evaluation of Material Property

K. Yagi, Tokyo Metropolitan Univ. of Health Sciences, Japan, S. Yoshida and M.Tokuda

9:50-10:10 Super-lubricity of C60 Monolayer Films

S. Okita, A. Matsumuro and K. Miura, Nagoya Univ., Japan

10:10-10:30 A Testing Mechanism and Testing Procedure for Materials in Inertial Drives

A. Bergander and J.-M. Breguet, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne(EPFL), Switzerland

10:30-10:50 A New Micro Jerk Sensor with Viscous Coupling

M. Fujiyoshi, Y. Nonomura and K. Tsukada, Toyota Central R&D Labs., Japan,
F. Arai and T. Fukuda

10:50-11:10 100nm Square Single Crystal Silicon Shear Strain Gage

T. Toriyama, New Energy Industrial Technology Development Organization, Japan,
S. Sugiyama

11:10-11:30 Microwave Holographic 3D Interactive Input Pointer Using Microstrip Antenna Arrays

H. Elsadek, H. Eldeeb and E. Abdallah, Electronics Research Institute, Egypt,
F. DeFlaviis and L. Jofre

Session TA-2: System and Control (Conference Room 2)

9:30-9:50 Computational Intelligence in Robotics: An Overview

L. Wang, Univ. of Virginia, USA

9:50-10:10 A New Approach to Exploiting Parallelism in Ant Colony Optimization

D. A. L. Piriyakumar and P. Levi, Univ. of Stuttgart, Germany

10:10-10:30 Walking Gait Stability in Young and Elderly People and Improvement of Walking Stability Using Optimal Cadence

M. Arif, Y. Ohtaki, T. Ishihara and H. Inooka, Tohoku Univ., Japan

10:30-10:50 Analysis of the Effect of Fatigue on the Walking Gait Stability

M. Arif, Y. Ohtaki, R. Nagatomi, T. Ishihara and H. Inooka, Tohoku Univ., Japan

10:50-11:10 Perception Driven Robotic Assembly Based on Ecological Approach

K. Tagawa, D. Ito, K. Konishi and H. Haneda, Kobe Univ., Japan

11:10-11:30 Analysis of Pulsating Torque in Brushless DC Machines In Two Drive Systems

M.N.F. Nashed and M.N. Eskander, Electronics Research Institute, Egypt

11:30-11:50 A Novel Electro-Thermally Driven Bi-directional Microactuator

K.-M. Liao, C.-C. Chueh and R. Chen, National Tsing Hua Univ., Taiwan

11:50-13:00 Lunch

13:00-13:20 Opening Remarks (Hall)

Keynote Lecture (Hall)

13:20-14:05 Preparation of Carbon Microcoils/nanocoils and Ceramic Microcoils, and the Properties

Prof. Seiji Motojima, Gifu University, Japan

Plenary Lectures (Hall)

14:05-14:50 Design and Fabrication of Silicon Micro Components

Prof. Stephanus Buettgenbach, TU Braunschweig, Germany

14:50-15:35 New Food Culture with Digitized Taste

Prof. Kiyoshi Toko, Kyushu University, Japan

15:35-15:45 Coffee Break

Plenary Lectures (Hall)

15:45-16:30 Future of Ceramics

Mr. Masanao Ono, NGK INSULATORS, LTD., Japan

16:30-17:15 Vision-based Face Understanding Technologies and Applications

Mr. Masato Kawade, Omron Corporation, Japan

17:20-18:30 Beer Party (2nd floor)

October 23 (Wed.)

Location: Nagoya University

10:00- Laboratory Tour

Nagoya University, Dept. of Micro System Engineering
1, Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya
Homepage Address of Nagoya University:
If you wish to participate in the Laboratory tour, please register at the registration desk on Oct. 21 or 22.

October 20 (Sun.)

International Micro Robot Maze Contest
Location: Nagoya City Science Museum, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan

Advance Program (tentative)

12:30-12:50 Opening
12:50-13:35 Micro Mobile Racer (Category 0)
13:35-14:20 Exhibition of Competition
14:20-15:05 Teleoperated Mountain Climbing Micro Robots (Category 1)
15:05-15:20 Break
15:20-16:05 Autonomous Mobile Micro Robots (Category 2)

16:05-17:30 Exhibition
17:30-18:00 Closing and Award Ceremony
Revised on October 19, 2002.
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