MHS2010 & Micro-Nano Global COE

Symposium on "COE for Education and Research of Micro-Nano Mechatronics"
The Global COE Program, Nagoya University

Symposium on "System Cell Engineering by Multi-scale Manipulation"
Scientific Research of Priority Areas, MEXT, Japan

List of Invited Speakers:

Plenary Lectures

"Positioning loads within the Nanometer scale. The Mechatronic way to do it"
Prof. Harald Wild, ETH Zurich

"Interfacial Engineering in Microelectromechanical Systems: Handling and Assembly of Solids and Liquids at the Microscale"
Prof. Karl Friedrich Bohringer, University of Washington

"Development of a Computer-Integrated Microsurgery System"
Prof. Mamoru Mitsuishi, The University of Tokyo

"Multi-Scale Molecular Genetics of Prokaryotic Genome Regulation"
Prof. Akira Ishihama, Hosei University

Invited Talks

"Mechanical Fatigue Fracture of Silicon"
Prof. Shoji Kamiya, Nagoya Institute of Technology

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