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Guidelines for Participating in the Sessions

For All Participants

  • In this symposium, organized sessions are held by Zoom Meetings, and opening and Plenary Talks are held by Zoom Webinar.
  • Please install the latest version of Zoom client in advance. (https://zoom.us/download)
  • Use of a headset is recommended.
  • Please access the MHS2021 program site using the URL and password sent by the MHS2021 secretariat after completing the registration.
  • Participants can join the session by clicking the icon under the session name on the program site.
  • Please set your name as "Role (if you are presenter or chairperson), Name, Affiliation" during the session.
  • Please turn off the microphone and video unless necessary.
  • Please do not record or make any recordings during the session.

For Presenters

  • Please use your own PC for your presentation.
  • Please check your PC by sharing the presentation slides during a break time before your session.
    *If you need any assistance, please ask our staffs before starting your session.
  • Each presentation has 15 min. including Q&A.
  • Please make your presentation in 12 min., and 3 min. for Q&A.
  • Presenters are requested to mute their microphones except for their own presentations.
  • Please share the screen of your slides and turn on the microphone before starting the presentation.
  • When the chairperson instructs you to end the presentation, please do so immediately.