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List of Plenary Talks / Keynote Talks

Plenary Talks

Plenary Talk 1

"Molecular Robotics based on Soft Matter Physics of DNA"

Prof. Masahiro Takinoue
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Plenary Talk 2

"Experimental and computational studies of bipedal locomotion in the Japanese macaque towards understanding the evolution of human bipedal locomotion"

Prof. Naomichi Ogihara
University of Tokyo, Japan

Plenary Talk 3

"Soft Sensors, Electronics and Robots"

Prof. Xinyu Liu
University of Toronto, Canada

Plenary Talk 4

"Large Diameter SiC Crystal Growth assisted by AI technology"

Prof. Toru Ujihara
Nagoya University, Japan

Keynote Talks

Keynote Talk 1 (OS10-1)

"Self-Modifying Bio-Soft Robots"

Assoc. Prof. Masahiro Shimizu
Osaka University, Japan

Keynote Talk 2 (OS10-1)

"Self-excited Actuation for soft robots"

Assist. Prof. Hiroyuki Nabae
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Keynote Talk 3 (OS10-1)

"Bio-inspired Flight with Soft Mechanism"

Assoc. Prof. Toshiyuki Nakata
Chiba University, Japan

Keynote Talk 4 (OS5)

"Motor synergy generalization framework for new targets in multi-planar and multi-directional reaching task"

Assist. Prof. Kyo Kutsuzawa
Tohoku University, Japan

Keynote Talk 5 (OS5)

"A condition on exploration noise during De Novo motor learning that is driven by sensory prediction error"

Assoc. Prof. Jun Izawa
Tsukuba University, Japan

Keynote Talk 6 (OS10-2)

"Do Soft Robots Dream of Florence Nightingale?"

Assoc. Prof. Shoko Miyagawa
Keio University, Japan

Keynote Talk 7 (OS3)

"Cellular senescence in age-related diseases"

Dr. Akiko Takahashi
Cancer Institute, Japan

Keynote Talk 8 (OS2)

"Mutual Understanding in Human-robot Interaction"

Prof. Masayoshi Kanoh
Chukyo University, Japan

Keynote Talk 9 (OS3)

"Chemical Probe: Innovative Chemical Tools for Cell Analysis"

Dr. Kosuke Dodo
RIKEN (The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research), Japan

Keynote Talk 10 (OS9)

"Development of MEMS Loop Heat Pipe for Wearable Interfaces"

Lecturer Ai Ueno
Nagoya University, Japan

Keynote Talk 11 (OS4)

"Vibration / acoustic tests with a laser technology or a soft actuator"

Prof. Naoki Hosoya
Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan

Keynote Talk 12 (OS7)

"Macro biological transports induced by micro-scale gas generation by fermenting yeast cells"

Assoc. Prof. Kenji Kikuchi
Tohoku University, Japan

Keynote Talk 13 (OS1)

"Cryoprotectant Agent-free Cell Cryopreservation by Superflash Freezing Using Inkjet Cell Printing"

Assoc. Prof. Yoshitake Akiyama
Shinshu University, Japan

Keynote Talk 14 (OS1)

"Measurement of cellular stimulus response based on micro-manipulation techniques using a micro-hand system"

Assoc. Prof. Masaru Kojima
Osaka University, Japan