MHS2006 & Micro-Nano COE

Symposium on "Micro-NanoMechatronics for an Information-Based Society",
The 21st Century COE Program, Nagoya University

Symposium on "System Cell Engineering by Multi-scale Manipulation"
Scientific Research of Priority Areas, MEXT, Japan

Symposium on "Next-Generation Actuators Leading Breakthroughs"
Scientific Research of Priority Areas, MEXT, Japan

List of Invited Speakers

"Engineering and Fabricating a Hybrid Biotic/Abiotic Biological Computer"
Dr. Carlo D. Montemagno, University of Cincinnati, USA

"Smart Lab-on-a-Chips with Nanobiosensors for Point-of-Care Clinical Diagnostics"
Prof. Chong H. Ahn, University of Cincinnati, USA

"The Ever Shrinking Hard Disk Drive and Its Components - What are the Challenges?"
Dr. Yiao-Tee Hsia, Seagate Technology, USA

"From Antenna Stents to Wireless Geiger Counters: the Promise of Electrical Micro-discharges in the Fabrication and Operation of Microsensors"
Prof. Yogesh Gianchandani, University of Michigan, USA

"Challenges for Effective Millirobots"
Prof. Ronald Fearing, University of California at Berkeley, USA

"In Situ Sensing and Manipulation in Nano Bio Systems"
Prof. Ning Xi, Michigan State University, USA

"Human Robot Symbiosis System - Necessary Infrastructure to realize the System"
Prof. Tomomasa Sato, University of Tokyo, Japan

"Energy Saving System Based on Robotic Technology as Named Ecomechatronics"
Prof. Takeo Oomichi, Meijo University, Japan

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