Symposium on "System Cell Engineering by Multi-scale Manipulation"
Scientific Research of Priority Areas, MEXT, Japan

Symposium on "Next-Generation Actuators Leading Breakthroughs"
Scientific Research of Priority Areas, MEXT, Japan

List of Invited Speakers:

Plenary Lectures

"Advanced 3D Microstructuring for Integrated Silicon Microactuators"
Prof. P. M. Sarro, Delft University of Technology/DIMES, Netherlands

"Miniature Mobile Robots Down to Micron Scale"
Prof. Metin Sitti, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

"Spatiotemporal Dynamics in Engineered Cardiac Tissue"
Prof. Emilia Entcheva, Stony Brook University, USA

Invited Talks

"Role of Interfaces in Growth Dynamics of Nanostructures"
Prof. Alokmay Datta, Kyoto University, Japan

"Small, Soft, Safe Micromachine as Multi-scal Interface for BME"
Prof. Satoshi Konishi, Ritsumeikan University, Japan

"Energy Harvesting from Vibration Using Polymer Electret"
Prof. Yuji Suzuki, The University of Tokyo, Japan

"Integrated Micro Devices for Real-time Investigation at the Single Cell Scale"
Dr. Cecile Crozatier, Kyoto University, Japan

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