We are engaged in research and development of applied and basic technology to support comfortable body movement of healthy and physically challenged people.

Gripping support system

System can support from 0 kg to 50 kg in proportion to the gripping force of a healthy person。

Exoesqueletal Meal Assistence System (EMAS)

Support for the proper use of upper extremities for meal in patients with muscular dystrophy

Forearm support system

Support the voluntary movement of elbow, wrist and 5 fingers in healthy people

Walking control system

The movement of wrist and fingers control the movement of a bipedal robot

Tongue movement based interface

Measure electrical activity from the tongue in the neck to control an interface

Bipedal walking in underactuated mechanism

The objective is to obtain bipedal walking in an underactuated mechanism

Joint research

Motion control in a multi-locomotion robot

Study on brachiation, two foot and four foot walking robot, and its connecting transitions

Research group

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