Human Support Distributed Autonomous System Micro-Nano ManipulationsMedicalMotion study

Human Support

Extra Robotic Finger

Intelligent Cane

Interface for Paraplegic Walk

Running Augmentation and Assistance


Robotic Glove Training Piano
Active AirMat
Active AirMat
Active Cuff
Carrying Patient Assistance
Eating Assistance
Brain Activities during Locomotion
Rat Learning
Assisted Finger Force Control

Distributed Autonomous System

In multi-robot systems, each robot observes an object in the environment from a different viewpoint, by which a priori common feature is hard to be shared. This work gives a systematic solution for consensus making for cognitive sharing. Also, multi-locomotion robot evaluates the balance between falling risk and working efficiency according to the observed walking environment, and chooses an optimal locomotion type.

Adaptive ROI Selection

Cognitive Sharing UAV

Cognitive Sharing UGV

Viewpoint Selection based on Aesthetic

Micro-Nano Manipulations for Biological Applications

Micro-Nano robotics and manipulation technologies are applied for fabrication of bio-mimic structures and realization of bio-inspired system based on micro-nano structures. We are investigating on bio-printing technologies, micro-fluidic technologies, nanomanipulation technologies inside electron microscope, and self-assembly technologies as next generation engineering approaches.

Batch Fabrication of Shape-Controlled Microstructures for 3D cell assembly

On-chip Injection System for C. elegans

Fabrication of micro flexible electrode to stimulate the peripheral nerve

Nanomanipulation System inside an Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope


Cooperative Surgical Robot

Motion Control

Robot Juggling

Multi Locomotion Robot